When you need a Technician NOT a Salesperson

We at Rampart Garage Doors believe that pricing should be honest and simple.  As consumers, we shop all the time at major businesses where the pricing (with some minor variations) remains constant.  If you go to your favorite fast food chain and order a burger, that same burger a month later shouldn’t cost five times what it did before!  Likewise, it shouldn’t vary based on who is taking your order at the drive-thru window! 


This sounds silly, but unfortunately it is all too common in many home repair industries.  For example, in the garage door repair industry, few companies offer a standard fixed pricing model.  Many of them allow the onsite technician to determine what to charge for parts and/or labor.  What this means is that every technician (even within the same company) could bid wildly different amounts on the job you have called them out to do.  Company to company, technician to technician, you could end up with quotes that can be several times more expensive than the last.  Hopefully you get the right combination of company and technician at your door.  Even then there is no guarantee that you are getting the best possible price.


Don’t believe us, give a local company a call and ask about a particular part or service they may offer (to be fair to the company be specific).  Ask for a quote over the phone and see how that goes…  Most companies resist giving over the phone quotes so they don’t restrict their commission-based technician’s from quoting whatever they feel they can while onsite.


With Rampart Garage Doors, our pricing is fixed.  Whether we are out this week, next month or even next year, you can be rest assured that our pricing will be consistently competitive.  It doesn’t matter what area we are servicing, or how much you can afford to pay, our prices will ALWAYS be fixed. Our trusted technicians are all REQUIRED to use our price list for both parts and labor to ensure that our customers are getting the best value from our service each and every time, no matter which technician arrives at your door.  This also goes hand in hand with our service people not be commissioned-based salespeople, but rather salary-based technicians that are additionally compensated by Rampart Garage Doors for providing a high level of service to our customers.  Read more about that here!


You may be asking, “fixed pricing sounds good and all, but how can I be sure that the pricing that is “fixed” is a good deal?”  That’s a perfectly reasonable question!  We shop our competition constantly to help make sure that our service stays aggressively priced and back it up with our 14 Day Buyer’s Remorse-Free Guarantee.  If we weren’t sure about the value of our services we wouldn’t be able to afford to back our work with our guarantee!  Perhaps even more telling, see if any of our competitors will offer you a similar promise.

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